USMobile is a developer of secure mobile phone services for voice, video & data providing ultra-secure private communication products for Enterprises, Government, Executives and the General Public.

President Barack Obama and General Keith Alexander, Director of the NSA and Commander of the United States Cyber Command, have warned Americans that the loss of industrial information and intellectual proper through Cyber espionage (surveillance) is causing the “greatest transfer of wealth in history.”

USMobile’s [Private Mobile Platform] ™ provides the strongest commercially available protection from wiretapping, surveillance & Cyvber-espionage for mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-Cloud communications.

USMobile began meeting the NSA in 2011 in an effort to collaborate on the agency’s ‘Fishbowl’ (secure phone) Project. The ‘Fishbowl’ Project was developed by the NSA to create a ‘secure phone’ network capable of providing the highest level of protection from the surveillance of U.S. Department of Defense ‘Top Secret’ level and below classified communications.

Scrambl3, powered by USMobile’s Private Mobile Platform [PMP]™, is the first commercial implementation of the NSA’s “Fishbowl’ (secure phone) Project. The technology employed by USMobile’s Private Mobile Platform produces an exponential increase in mobile communication compared to existing commercial solutions.

The Scrambl3 Private Mobile Platform is a highly advanced, multi-layer network that achieves much of its strength by leveraging the combined benefits of encrypting voice and text within a second Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypted tunnel. Both independent layers are protected with NSA’s Suite B encryption and authentication algorithms. The Scrambl3 mobile App uses the Data channel of a smartphone to make calls and can use both 3G/4G and Wi-Fi to access a Scrambl3 member’s Private Mobile Network.

Enterprise: Hosted and Private Cloud Environments

The trends towards mobility and cloud computing have increased the risk of “In-Transit” surveillance and cyber espionage of voice, video & data. USMobile’s ‘Best of Breed’ Private Mobile Platform [PMP] ™ provides the strongest commercially available protection for Cloud Computing Environments where sensitive voice, video and data are travelling between mobile devices and the Cloud. And, our Private Mobile Platform was designed from ground up to seamlessly integrate with your Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) services.

Consumer: Executives, Businesses & Individuals

Scrambl3 (scrambl3.com) is USMobile’s hosted, subscription based ‘Private Mobile Network’ for Executives, Businesses and Individuals – and employs the same powerful [Private Mobile Platform] ™ employed in its products that are designed to protect Enterprise Cloud Computing environments.

With a subscription to the Scrambl3 App, its members can create their own Private Mobile Network, allowing them to privately place and receive calls and texts exclusively with other Scrambl3 members who are entered in a private “Black Book” listing. Scrambl3 names are used instead of traditional public phone numbers, and only Scrambl3 members who are listed in their private Black Book are capable of calling or texting them.